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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
C. Sagan

Professional Stock Trading
Mark R. Conway - Aaron N. Behle
Full of useful ideas on trading and system testing
Day Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and Opening
Range Breakout
Toby Crabel
A breakout on trading research and short term trading
Stock & Commodity Market Trend Trading by
Advanced Technical Analysis
John R. Hill
Various trading approaches
Technical Analysis of Stock Trends
Edwards and Magee
A Classic on Dow theory and technical analysis
Trading Systems That Work
Thomas Stridsman
How to create, test and implement trading systems form A to Z
The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing
J. M. Hurst
Good source on cyclical analysis
Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets
John J. Murphy
Excellent basic book on technical analysis
Techniques of a Professional Commodity Chart Analyst
Arthur Sklarew
Original book on classical technical analysis
Steidlmayer on Markets
J. Peter Steidlmayer
The creator of market profile and liquidity data bank systems
The Elements of Successful Trading
Robert P. Rotella
A complete book on trading systems, methods and market psychology
The New Science of Technical Analysis
Thomas De Mark
Many creative approaches on technical analyses
Long Term Secrets to Short Term Trading
Larry Williams
Short term ideas to the markets
The Taylor Trading Technique
George Douglas Taylor
A book worth reading for short term traders
Methods of a Wall Street Master
Victor Sperandeo
A trading approach by a professional trader
Principle of Professional Speculation
Victor Sperandeo
A trading approach by a professional trader

Practical Speculation
Victor Niederhoffer
The mind set of statistical analysis
Trading For a Living
Alexander Elder
Interesting methods on system trading
Futures Trading Strategy
Stanley Kroll
A long term trading approach to the futures markets
Computerized Analysis of the Futures Markets
C. Le Beau and D. Lucas
A basic for systematic trading
Option as a Strategic Investment
Lawrence G. McMillan
A complete work on option trading
Market Wizards
Jack D. Schwager
The traders mindset
The New Market Wizards
Jack D. Schwager
The traders mindset
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
Edwin Lefevre
A must for futures and stock traders
Studies in Tape Reading
Rollo Tape
A work of Richard D. Wyckoff
Successful Investing
Van K. Tharp
An excellent course on psychology applied to traders
The Frustrated Investor
Thomas F. Basso
Advices from a professional trader
Zen in the Markets
E. A. Toppel
A different approach to the markets
James Sloman
A mirror of life
D. Gordon and M. Meyers Anderson
Milton Erickson approach on psychology
The Seven Habits of Highly Succesful People
Stephen R. Covey
A new paradigm of life
The Art of Contrary Thinking
Humphrey B. Neill
The book of the nonconformist mind

Andy Rand
A discovery of the talent there is in all of us
C. Harding
Opening the heart of men
The Road Less Traveled
M. Scott Peck
A book of spiritual and personal growth
The Different Drum
M. Scott Peck
Taking the self into a community
Knights Without Armor
A. R. Kipnis
The new man
Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of the Crowds
Charles Mackay
The book on mass psychology
The Crowd
G. Le Bon
The book on mass psychology
Full House
Stephen Jay Gould
Things change but they always stay the same
Against the Gods
Peter L. Bernstein
All the faces of risk
The Moral Animal
Robert Wright
A new look on humankind
One Up On Walls Street
Peter Lynch
A book on common sense
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits
Philip A. Fischer
A systematic approach to success
Soros on Soros
George Soros
The life of a master investor
The Disciplined Trader
Mark Douglas
The mind of a successful trader
Mutant Message Down Under
Marlo Morgan
Listening to our inner knowledge